Coach and Bus Windscreens

Masai Omega Automotive manufactures a wide range of bonded windscreens for coaches, buses, minibuses and other commercial vehicles. The list on this page and all of the photos are vehicles we have manufactured and supplied windscreens for.

Automotive glass has been one of our manufacturing specialties for many years. Our commercial vehicle windscreens are made of toughened (tempered) safety glass approved to high automotive glass standard E43R – 00320 DOT6 - European Commission Directive 2001/92/EC, Regulation No 43 of the UN/ECE.

If you need a replacement windscreen for any of the coaches or buses listed here (for which we already have the blue prints and tooling for) - please call us to discuss your windscreen requirements and we will be happy to provide a competitive quotation.

However, if your vehicle is NOT listed here we can produce designs and tooling using a sample of the vehicle's windscreen.

+44 (0)1543 254507

We manufacture E43R-approved toughened windscreens for coaches and buses:

Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 & 400
Berkhof Axial
Caetano Optimo
Darwen Olympus
Irizar InterCentury
Irizar PB
Mercedes Autobus Nouvelle
Nu-Track Mercedes School Bus
Optare Spectra
Plaxton Panther
Plaxton Paragon
Plaxton Premiere
Plaxton President
Scania Omnilink
Sitcar Beluga
Unvi Touring
Van Hool Alizee