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Masai Bonded Horsebox Windows

We design and manufacture tinted bonded windows for luxury horseboxes or horse lorries/wagons/trucks. You can purchase our bonded horse box windows in package options on our website. If you require individual windows, or bespoke designs and shapes please call us to discuss. The two photo examples below show our bonded horse box windows fitted to Equicruiser luxury horseboxes.

Our standard horsebox sliding side windows, and bonded tinted horsebox windows are ideal for replacing existing windows or for converting lorries, trucks or large vans into horseboxes. Automotive glass manufacturing has been one of our specialties for many decades.

If your company builds large horseboxes or if you are considering renovating or customising your horsebox, or converting a van, truck or lorry into a horsebox truck / wagon / lorry - please call us to discuss your requirements.

We also design and manufacture bonded windows for Vans and Minibuses.

  • Beautiful, sleek and innovative future-proof designs. Standard or bespoke designs.
  • Factory prepared tints (built in tint, not a film) reflect heat and reduce glare
  • E43R approved 4mm toughened safety glass
  • We polish all glass edges for extra safety
  • Locking sliding or fixed windows
  • Leak proof and draft proof
  • High quality rubber seals to keep drafts and rain out – all frames tested for water leakage
  • Our drainage holes are rectangular - (circular holes would force rain water in when vehicle is moving)
  • Premium quality flock lining to ensure the glass slides smoothly
  • Durable and attractive high quality button locks / lever catch mechanisms
  • All screws and components are silicon covered to avoid water ingress
  • The silicone adhesive we recommend has a heat tolerance of minus 40 to plus 90 degrees C