Land Rover Defender Crew Cab Camper-Style Rear Window - 963mm x 419mm - DARK tint

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963mm Camper-Style Window - DARK tint for Crew Cab Land Rover Defender and other vehicles

Includes Internal Bezel Trim (aluminium L section 20mm x 20mm, black powder-coat paint). This bezel can be used as a template to cut out the Crew Cab Rear Window aperture.

Once you have cut the correct shaped aperture, you will need rivets and silicone sealant to attach the Crew Cab Rear Window.

If you need the Crew Cab Rear Window completely wide open the gas strut brackets can be unscrewed from the frame.

The Crew Cab Rear Window can also be used on the roof of a vehicle as a sun roof, in this case the drain holes must be blocked with silicone sealant.

  • SOLD as SINGLE WINDOWS (Price is NOT for a pair).
  • Includes two Gas Struts for smooth opening and closing.
  • Two handle locking with keys.
  • The maximum amount the Crew Cab Rear Windows will open is as seen in the above photo and is 200mm from the vehicle body.
  • Measurements: 963mm x 419mm external max.
  • The size of the aperture needed is 913mm x 369mm.
  • The Radius of the cut out aperture needs to be 76mm.
  • Black powder-coat painted aluminium frame.
  • Made to original Land Rover quality - BUT they do not rattle or leak.
  • Includes rubber seal and internal bezel.
  • E43 4mm toughened safety glass.
  • 70% No-Light transmission Dark Tint.
  • Factory prepared tint - not a stuck on film.
  • Easy to fit DIY.
  • Fitting service also available - just call.

The Crew Cab Rear Window can be fitted to:

  • Land Rovers and other 4x4
  • Other Shooting/Leisure vehicles
  • Trucks with Sleeping Pods
  • Coaches and Lorries
  • Containers/Sheds in Gardens
  • Horseboxes
  • Motor Caravans / Motor Home
  • Towed Caravans
  • Mobile Exhibition Trailer
  • Porta-cabins / Mobile Buildings / Other Enclosure
  • Sailing Boats and Narrow Boats as a Deck Hatch possibly - call to discuss

Download ......Masai Defender side windows Fitting Instructions

These fitting instructions are NOT actually for this specific rear window but the principles are the same. Be very careful to cut the exact shape aperture needed.

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